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When you require finer quality concrete in Blackburn from a reliable supplier, bank on a trustworthy source like Chorley Concrete Ltd. You can make us the first choice in getting a bespoke amount of concrete that matches your needs. We have professional experience supplying concrete to different projects for over a decade. We have our own fleet of mixers that can produce higher amounts of concrete mix.

Team of Knowledgeable Concrete Experts


With a professional concrete mix team in store, we can provide concrete according to your specifications. We offer a spot mix of concrete, where you get a ready delivery of concrete in Blackburn in the project spot. Our concrete mixes match the industry standards and can provide your structure with great flexibility and integrity. Also available in WiganChorley,   Preston, Warrington,  Blackburn,  Southport.

Concrete Services in Blackburn that We Provide

Along with concrete mixing in Warrington and other services, we offer various other services, which include the following:

Volumetric Mixer: It is an effective way of mixing concrete that saves both your time and money. With this, you get the exact amount of concrete that you need, thereby preventing the wastage of materials.

Concrete Laying: Concrete laying is vital for the smooth surfacing of a project. To get it done by the experts, you can contact us. We will ensure to provide you with concrete laying service at the best price.

Bara Mix: Regardless of project requirements, you can get premium bara mix service from our end. We can directly deliver the mix to your project site.

Spot Mix: This is the most efficient way of mixing concrete. You can get instant delivery at your project site with minimal chances of wastage.

Same-Day Concrete Delivery in Warrington

We boast of a strong supply chain network, which helps us to provide you with instant service in delivering concrete in Blackburn. You can reach us 24/7, all around the year, for quality concrete mix delivery. We will ensure that our professional team reaches you and assists you with your project needs. Our concrete supply network transcends a wide area around Wigan.

Why Choose Us?

  1. When you look for a professional concrete mixing and supplying service, you will find very few sources who can guarantee clean, professional work. Here are a few reasons why we are the best bet to get concrete in Blackburn.

    • Quality professional experience for a long time
    • You pay for what you use
    • Guaranteed No obligation free quote
    • Concrete delivery and mixing service meets your project needs
    • Fully insured concrete mixing service
    • Offering a wide range of concrete mixing service

Quick and efficient

Reducing labouring costs

upto 200m line pumps

upto 47m boom pump